Premises Licence Applications

If you are using your Premises for any of the Licensable Activities, you will need to have fill in a Premises Licence application in order to apply for your licence. The application is made to the Licensing Authority in which the Premises is located. You will require floor plans at a scale of 1:100.

We will:
contact any relevant responsible authority we think is necessary to get/give pre application advice. write your application devise your operating schedule, in accordance with the Licensing Policy of Croydon Council provide you with the mandatory notices to be displayed at the Premises arrange advertising of the Public Notice in a local paper make the application copy the application to all responsible authorities deal with any queries/potential objections from responsible authorities throughout the 28 day objection periodIf there are no objections within the objection period the Premises Licence will be automatically granted. If there are any objections, a hearing will be required at the Licensing sub committee. If you would like us to represent you, we will be happy to do so, we will let you know the cost for this at the time, as all applications vary. We have had many years of experience in making Premises Licence applications, and have many satisfied cutomers.

Price: from £600 based on the size of the Premises and complexity of the application, plus disbursements (Licensing Authority Fees and fees to insert a Public Notice in a local newspaper).

Premises Licence Applications

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